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Scanfly Lite, which weighs 1.5 kg and addresses application requests that require bring down weight. It incorporates Puck LITE™ VLP-16, a 16-channel, ongoing 3D LiDAR sensor with 360° encompass see and a 100-meter go. The sensor creates up to 300,000 estimations for each second in single return mode. Scanfly HD, which weighs 1.8 kg and incorporates a 16-channel, continuous 3D LiDAR sensor, which creates up to 300,000 estimations for every second in single return mode. It is intended for applications that require more noteworthy determination in the caught 3D picture. The gadget incorporates Puck Hi-Res™ VLP-16, which has a 360° encompass view and 100-meter extend. It conveys a 20° vertical field of vision for a more tightly channel dispersion to give more noteworthy points of interest in the 3D picture at longer ranges. The sensor empowers the host framework to distinguish, as well as better recognize, objects at more prominent separations.

“These new items widen our item portfolio and empower clients to assemble LiDAR reviewing armadas to deal with the majority of their stage and scene prerequisites with a similar center advancements. That approach gives the best an incentive to framework and preparing speculations,” said Girardi.


Established in 1983 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, Velodyne is an innovation organization known worldwide for its constant 3D LiDAR registering and programming stages. The organization developed after organizer David Hall concocted the HDL-64 Solid-State Hybrid LiDAR sensor in 2005. From that point forward, Velodyne LiDAR Inc. risen as the unmatched market pioneer of constant 3D vision frameworks utilized as a part of an assortment of business applications including independent vehicles, vehicle wellbeing frameworks, portable mapping, flying mapping, and security. Its items extend from the superior, encompass see Ultra-Puck™ VLP-32, great HDL-32/64 and practical VLP-16, the new VLS-128, to the forthcoming, concealed Velarray™. Velodyne’s rich suite of recognition programming and calculations are the key empowering influences of its discernment frameworks. Velodyne bolsters clients from workplaces in San Jose, Detroit, Frankfurt, and Beijing. For more data, visit http://www.velodynelidar.com.


3D TARGET was conceived as a business organization and authority wholesaler for non-dangerous estimating instruments. Around 4 years back 3D TARGET made an inner R&D division, devoted to the joining of frameworks. 3D TARGET composed an all inclusive gadget that could at long last give a response to everybody: Scanfly – the payload lidar not just for UAS! For more data please visit http://www.scanfly.it and http://www.3dtarget.it or get in touch with us at info@3dtarget.it.


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For 3D mapping capacities, 3D TARGET swung to Velodyne LiDAR sensors, which convey the most precise constant 3D information available. The outcome was an item that meets the prerequisites of research foundations, colleges, plan firms, expansive organizations, surveyors and open organization. Scanfly’s present equipment incorporates the Velodyne PUCK™ VLP-16 sensor and worldwide screen RGB cameras.

Scanfly joins continuous GPS and GLONASS situating and on-load up instrument estimations with the goal that it generally returns georeferenced information. In airborne arrangements, Velodyne LiDAR innovation and the twofold return of the scanner enable the framework to segregate treetops from undergrowth, consequently getting exact estimations. Additionally, the numerous profiles of the scanner emphatically diminish shaded zones which can accelerate the mapping of streets and scenes.

At the up and coming Geo Business Show meeting in London (22nd-23rd May 2018), 3D TARGET will reveal its cutting edge developments, displayed by the presentation of Scanfly Ultra which incorporates the ULTRA Puck™ VLP-32C, as declared amid the Commercial UAV Europe gathering in Amsterdam (10 th – 12 th April 2018).

The VLP-32C, Velodyne’s freshest long-go sensor, was intended to surpass the requests of the most difficult true 3D versatile mapping applications. Scanfly Ultra weighs 1.85 kg and its 32-channel sensor has a scope of up to 200 meters. The sensor holds the creative leaps forward in 3D LiDAR, for example, 360° encompass see alongside ongoing 3D information that incorporates remove and adjusted reflectivity estimations alongside rotational edges. It creates up to 600,000 estimations for each second in single return mode.

How 3D TARGET Survey Solutions Can Map


SAN JOSÉ, Calif.- – (BUSINESS WIRE)- – May 9, 2018- – Whether an association is looking over a thruway burrow while on a vehicle, riverbed by vessel, distribution center by walking or farmland via air, 3D mapping progressions with LiDAR innovation have made these once time-escalated review extends speedier and more effective than beforehand conceivable.

This public statement highlights media. View the full discharge here:

3D TARGET Scanfly Product Family (Photo: Business Wire)he connection between 3D TARGET and Velodyne LiDAR has been at the front line of looking over advancement, bringing about the most conservative, lightweight, flexible payload LiDAR accessible available. 3D TARGET’s Scanfly gives a turnkey, dependable LiDAR framework, utilizing Velodyne LiDAR innovation, for requesting geospatial applications crosswise over air, land and marine stages.

“While we at first built up our item for the unmanned elevated framework (UAS) advertise, we planned it to be utilized as a part of any organization stage,” said Paolo Girardi, 3D TARGET’s CEO. “Adopting this strategy drove us to improve the client encounter without relinquishing framework execution. Each Scanfly detail, from the segment determination to the graphical UI, was propelled by this reasoning.”

“Choosing a LiDAR supplier that is continually propelling the best in class in size, extend and other execution factors has been basic to us gathering high-exactness 3D study information. By working with Velodyne LiDAR, we give a ultra-reduced, lightweight arrangement that can be sent on any aeronautical, land or marine vehicle, and in addition conveyed in a knapsack choice. Never again are there limits on which situations can be studied,” proceeded with Girardi.

3D TARGET and Velodyne are extending their association with the incorporation of Velodyne’s Puck LITE™ VLP-16, Puck Hi-Res™ VLP-16 and ULTRA Puck™ VLP-32C LiDAR sensors into the developing Scanfly product offering.

“Velodyne LiDAR innovation is working with industry pioneers to furnish the most astounding performing looking over frameworks with the least multifaceted nature,” said Mike Jellen, President and CCO, Velodyne LiDAR. “3D TARGET gives straightforward yet rich study answers for any condition – from homestead and backwoods to distribution center and passage.”

From the begin, 3D TARGET set out to fabricate a payload LiDAR that was arranged in everything about permit simple access, notwithstanding for non-master clients, and be prepared to be sent in just five minutes. Scanfly was intended to be multi-stage to permit establishment on any vehicle and can be configured to address the uniqueness of any scene to review.

Google Maps visualizes spread of the movement across the world


Yet, what happens when each lady chooses to accumulate her mettle and talk up about her #MeToo moment(s), the world introspects. #MeToo – a hashtag that picked up energy a year ago when prestigious Hollywood maker Harvey Weinstein was blamed for sexually hassling ladies, including female performing artists from the business. It was following the disclosure that web-based social networking turned into a stage for individuals over the world to uncover their frightening stories of being mishandled. Months after the occurrence, Google Maps has endeavored to imagine how the development came to fruition over the globe through Google Trends.

Called ‘Me Too Rising’, the intelligent representation can be found on the Google landing page itself. In the event that you go to the Google landing page, directly beneath the pursuit bar, you will see the choice to scan worldwide look patterns for ‘Me Too’. When you tap on it, it will take you to the representation of pursuit patterns with the watchword #MeToo. A slider at the base enables you to search for top indexed lists from the earliest starting point of October 2017 (when the Weinstein outrage initially became visible) until the present day. You can clean the bar to see which all spots on the planet made the most number of scans for the catchphrase. When you tap on any of the best urban areas, it will demonstrate to you the best stories from that locale encompassing the #MeToo development.

The perception has been made in light of the Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). It is seen in April, and is a yearly battle to raise open mindfulness about rape and teach groups and people on the most proficient method to anticipate sexual savagery. You can check the perception from the insert underneath.

Google clarifies how the perception was made. Information from Google Trends has been utilized to make the pursuit enthusiasm for #MeToo after some time. It speaks to worldwide patterns of individuals hunting down the development from the main 300 looking urban areas consistently.

The site likewise has a connection to rape assets, which incorporate approaches to connect with the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) and the Trevor Project. Google has reported that it will give $500,000 in stipends to RAINN and Girls for Gender Equity to do past simply spreading mindfulness about rape and badgering.

Google Maps Highlights


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An element has been seen in Google Maps that seems to demonstrate the application featuring open occasions that are at present progressing.

A Reddit client distributed a screen capture that was caught over the weekend.Personally, I can’t review seeing anything precisely like this. Google Maps plots courses for certain known occasions — like the Tour de France, Boston Marathon, and Pride parades — however that is not the same as stamping areas of occasions that are in advance.

Google Maps will likewise feature areas of occasions that have been added to your schedule. Albeit, once more, that is not the same as what’s being appeared in the screen capture above.

Have you seen these sorts of markers previously while perusing Google Maps? Tell us on social media.What would happen on the off chance that one lady came clean about her life? The world would part open-Muriel Rukeyser. Be that as it may, what happens when each lady chooses to assemble her valor and talk up about her #MeToo moment(s), the world introspects. #MeToo – a hashtag that picked up force a year ago when famous Hollywood maker Harvey Weinstein was blamed for sexually bugging ladies, including female performing artists from the business. It was following the disclosure that online networking turned into a stage for individuals over the world to uncover their nerve racking stories of being manhandled. Months after the occurrence, Google Maps has endeavored to imagine how the development came to fruition over the globe through Google Trends.